Luxury Car

You can now rent a luxury car in the Surrey area with the lowest prices on the market. Take advantage of our great rates when you rent a luxury car from us.Rent a luxury car for your next special occasion or just to please you. All our rental cars are available to rent for short and long term period.Our rates start at the lowest price of $ 150 per day (taxes and additional fees are not included)


  • Minimum 2 days rental for the weekend
  • ** The minimum age to rent a prestige car rental is of 21 years of age
  • Renter must have valid auto insurance. Proof of insurance is required when ownership of the vehicle. A-BC Car Rental offers insurance. For more information about our coverage please see our terms and conditions.
  • Renters must hold a driving license valid, issued more than a year ago.
  • Only drivers named on the lease of A-BC Car Rental at the time of rental are permitted to drive the rented vehicle. Vehicular traffic is prohibited outside of specified areas on the rental agreement and will invalidate all warranties and insurance