Terms & Conditions

  • 1. The customer agrees to operate the vehicle only in the province in which it is rented unless Owner gives written consent thereto. The customer acknowledges that the vehicle is the property of ABC Car Rental.

  • 2. ABC Car Rental will provide liability insurance limits $1,000,000.00 (inclusive) and specified perils. The protection of this insurance will be extended to the customer for the specified period of rental, upon the condition, however, that the customer complies with all the provisions of this contract and subject to the following exceptions:

    The Insurance shall not cover:
    a. The customer or driver for damages resulting from bodily injuries or death sustained while repairing or being carried in or upon, entering, getting on to or alighting from the vehicle.
    b. Claims made by any persons to whom the customer or driver may be held liable under and Workmen’s Compensation Act Plan or law, or by reason of any contracts of whatever nature.
    c. Loss of or injury to, or destruction of property of the customer or property of others used by or in the charge of the customer or carried in or upon the rented vehicle.
    d. Any case not covered by the insurance policies held by the Owner which policies shall be deemed to constitute a part of this contract and the customer here acknowledges that he has taken communication of same. Notwithstanding anything herein contained if any of terms, conditions, (imitation or restrictions of said policies are in conflict with the statutes of the Province wherein vehicle is rented, said policies are hereby amended to conform with such statutes.


    The customer by acceptance and consideration of payment by credit card companies insuring the car rental accepts the owner to charge any damages from collision or accident to the credit card. The customer is responsible for making these claims himself to his insurance company.

    a. If the credit card or personal auto insurance does not provide coverage on the rental vehicles and the customer declines to take the basic insurance offered by ABC Car Rental *, the customer must assume responsibility for any damage, theft or vandalism caused to the vehicle for the total value of the replacement of the vehicle. When basic insurance is chosen from the Owner, the deductible is limited to a sum of $ 500 for a vehicle of subcompact and compact class, $ 800 for an intermediate and $1,000 for a SUV and minivan plus GST and QST.

    The customer must have valid insurance when renting the vehicle. ABC Car Rental reserves the right to refuse to rent if the customer does not have valid insurance and refuses to take the basic insurance offered by the company.
    b. ABC Car Rental will provide liability insurance limits $1000000.00 (inclusive)and specified perils. The protection of this insurance will be extended to the customer for the specified period of rental upon the condition,however, that the customer complies with all the provisions of this contract and subject to terms and conditions.


    Additional charges will be billed depending on damaged caused to the vehicle: smell of smoke, burn mark, ashes…

  • 6. CREDIT CARD VOUCHER: Customer authorizes the rental company to process a credit card voucher, or if any, his / her name charges here under .No refund will be given for early drop off, (all the agreement fee will charged) however charges applied for late drop off, minimum $10 per hour, varies according to the vehicle category and rental rate at the time of booking.
  • 7. REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT: At the time of rental of the vehicle, a pre-authorization is taken on the credit card. The amount of the pre-authorization or the deposit is fixed depending on the vehicle category and the duration of the rental.

    The balance of the deposit is returned 8 weeks after the return of the vehicle. The Owner reserves the right to use the deposit to address road traffic offences or damages to the car. Notwithstanding payment of said fee, customer shall be fully liable for all collision damage if vehicle is used, operated or driven in violation of any of the provisions of this rental agreement or off highways serviced by federal, provincial, or municipal governments and for all damages to vehicle by striking overhead objects.

  • 8. The customer agrees to return the vehicle to the Owner promptly at the time and place specified or earlier upon the demand of the Owner and to immediately pay all charges provided for herein. If the customer does not return the vehicle at the time specified for any reason whatsoever, the protection of the insurance will not be extended to the customer and the Owner may, without any demand or notice, take immediate possession of the vehicle wherever found and without process of law. If the Owner employs a lawyer or a collection agency to enforce any part of the rental agreement, the amount of the claim of the Owner against the customer will be increased by 15% to compensate the Owner for additional costs incurred.
  • 9. CANCELLATION POLICY: ABC Car Rental must be notified at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation. The customer who neglects to follow this rule will be charged a penalty of $ 50 CAD to the credit card used for booking.
  • 10. The customer agrees that the vehicle will be driven only.
    a. by the customer, or
    b. by the employee of the customer whose name appears on this rental agreement, or
    c. with the consent of the customer and of the Owner, endorsed hereon, by another duly qualified and licensed driver, which driver shall be deemed at all times to be the employee of the customer whether or not such driver is furnished by the Owner, in all cases in which the driver is not the customer, the customer undertakes to convey all the terms of this agreement to the driver who shall be bound by same.<
  • 11. The customer agrees not to use the vehicle in violation of any law, ordinance, rule or regulation of any public authority.
  • 12. The customer agrees that the vehicle will not be operated.
    a. By any person who is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory or other drugs, narcotics or barbiturates.
    b. By any person who is for the time being not authorised by law or qualified to drive or operate the vehicle or under the age of 21 years in any event.
    c. In any race, speed test or contest.
    d. To proper or low any vehicle.
    e. To carry explosives or to carry radioactive material,
    f. Outside the scope of the employment of the driver, when the driver is the employee of the customer.
    g. At an illegal, reckless or otherwise abusive, speed.
    h. For the transportation of passengers or goods for a consideration expressed or implied.
    i. For any illicit or prohibited trade or transportation.
  • 13. The customer agrees to pay the inter-city return charge if any, as indicated herein, or the cost of returning the vehicle to the garage where it was rented should the vehicle be left at any other location without the written permission of the Owner.
  • 14. The customer acknowledges delivery of the vehicle free from damage except as is specifically noted in this agreement and undertakes to exercise normal security for vehicle while it is in his custody, and to return the vehicle in the same condition as he received it. The customer will hold the Owner harmless against any claims whatsoever resulting for the defective mechanical condition, the tires or the operation of the vehicle. The customer further agrees to pay the Owner an amount equal to the cost of repairing or replacing to the satisfaction of the Owner any loss of profit resulting there from, and provided further that customer shall not be liable to Owner on account of non collision losses to vehicle covered by standard comprehensive insurance policy, such as losses or damage of whatsoever kind or nature to the vehicle or the tires, tools accessories or equipment therein or thereon, including losses due to fire and theft .Customer is responsible for all the cost of damages to vehicle’s physical condition if not reported to police during the rental. However, customer shall in any event be liable to Owner on account of (1) Overhead damage to vehicle caused by failure to clear low trees, bridges or other objects and (2) For damages occasioned by use of vehicle or parts thereof, on airport tarmacs or runways, off highways or road serviced by federal, provincial or municipal governments.
  • 15. MAINTENANCE: When maintenance fee of the vehicle is charged, these maintenance charges paid by the client are refundable when presenting a paid bill when approved beforehand by ABC Car Rental.

    The majority of our rates do not include a charge for fuel. At the time of departure, the cars are provided with the minimum level of fuel and at the time of return the car has to be returned with the same level of fuel. If the car is missing fuel, charges may apply. No refund for fuel left in the gas tank.

    The customer undertakes to immediately advise by telephone or in the absence of this mean of communication, in the most rapid manner possible, the Owner of any mechanical defect which interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle and to immediately cease operating the vehicle, and also to report immediately to the Owner any accident in which the vehicle may be involved, and to furnish the Owner with as complete information and details as possible with respect to the said accident. The customer shall confirm the said report in writing to be delivered to the Owner within 24 hours after the said accident and the customer shall forward immediately to the Owner every letter, document or advice received by the customer from or on behalf of any claimant and shall fully co-operate with the Owner’s Insurer(s) and the Owner in all matters connected with the investigation of and the defence of any claim or suit.

  • 16. If the customer misrepresents, conceals or omits to communicate any facts or circumstances which are expressly or implicitly required by the terms hereof to be know to the Owner, whether such misrepresentation, concealment or omission the fraudulent or not, this agreement shall be void and the insurance protection referred to above will not be extended to the customer.
  • 17. IN CASE OF ACCIDENT: The Lessee, by the presents, agrees, in the event the rented vehicle(s) should need repairs, to have the repairs done to the said vehicle(s) by a garage chosen and designated by the Lessor.
  • 18. DEFAULT: In the event of default by the Lessee of any of his obligations contained in the present rental agreement, or if he is in default for more than 15 days in paying the rental, the Lessee hereby authorises the Lessor to retake and claim immediate possession of the vehicle(s) rented wherever found, the Lessor shall also have the right to unilaterally put and end and terminate the present rental agreement without prejudice to his other rights and resources.

  • 19. INSPECTION/BREAK-DOWN: The customer hereby authorises the Lessor, form hereon in to take the rented vehicle(s) in order to inspect and verify their condition and to have all the necessary repairs done to the said vehicle(s) without any obligation to the Lessor to replace the said vehicle(s) during the time needed to inspect and/or repair the said vehicle(s). We are not responsible for time lost or any delays arriving due to brake-down or inspection or while in repair.
  • 20. REMARKS: A copy of the rental agreement must be in the possession of the driver at all times. Customer is responsible for damages arising from lack of fuel, water and anti-freeze. According to the CAR RENTAL POLICY, if you return the fuel at low level as marked in the agreement, then the customer will charged $2.50 per litre plus $25 fees. If the customer is involved in legal/illegal activity or any kind of accident with his/her fault, the down time will be charged on customer’s credit card.
  • 21. The Rental agreement once closed is subject to audit.
  • 22. The customer, lessee or the signatory to this contract certifies that he or she holds a valid driver’s licence for the operation of the vehicles(s)referred to in the contract, and agrees to ensure that any person who operates the vehicle in question holds a valid driver’s licence of the proper class. An extra daily charge may apply for any additional driver.